Stop and Smell the Roses…Sell Your Home Fast with Them, Too

Kyle Iverson on July 3, 2019

You’re moving out of your home in a few weeks to relocate. That means you only have a short amount of time to pack your things and sell your old home. You’re going to need your home to go fast.

There are many tricks that you can do to sell your home faster. One of the easiest ones is to add in a bit of colour with flowers. They can bring a bit of brightness to any room and also smell good.

To help you in your decorating endeavour, here are a few home staging tips that involve fresh flowers.

1. Don’t Go Overboard

Flowers can bring a fresh light to any room. They’re beautiful and colourful. This being said, you lose a bit of the effect if you use too many flowers.

They’re meant to accent a room, not take over. It can be overwhelming to the eyes and nose. It can also get expensive if you’re buying them from the store rather than picking them from your garden.

So, buy or pick a few flowers and put them on your kitchen counter, bathroom counter, kitchen table, or coffee table. These are the perfect spots for them.

2. Bring in Some Fragrance

When people come in to view your home, bad smells can alter their buying decision. You could spray air freshener, but so many of them mix with odours instead of getting rid of them.

Flowers work as a natural air freshener for your home and in most cases, it works better than the stuff in the can. This being said, put them in places that tend to have the most odour problems, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

3. Pick Plants in Your Skill Set 

Bringing in flowers won’t do your home much good if they are dead. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you don’t want to pick a plant that you’re going to kill in a few weeks. Consider something like a succulent.

They’re pretty, don’t take much sunlight, need much water, or need much care in general. It’s pretty hard to kill them.

4. Don’t Use Fake Plants 

Fresh flowers may not be ideal because they can be expensive and high maintenance depending on the ones you get. They are still a better option than fake flowers.

Real flowers bring in a sense of warmth and life to the home. If you use fake ones, it may cause viewers to see your home as cold and artificial. That’s the opposite of what you want.

5. Bring the Season into Your Home 

Consider the season when you’re staging your home with flowers. For example, bring in bright flowers during the spring and summer.

During the fall, yellow chrysanthemums and dried arrangements are the way to go. The winter is a good time for holly, pine, and poinsettias.

Decorating with Flowers: Home Staging Tips 

Are you trying to sell your home fast? It’s all about the staging. The easiest home staging tip we have for you: use flowers.

They can bring a sense of life into your home and spread around a lovely fragrance and colour. Get buyers interested in your house.

All the flowers in the world not helping you sell your home? Maybe it’s time to consult the professionals. Contact us to ask about our services.

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