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Is It Better to DIY Stage a House or Hire a Professional House Stager?

Kyle Iverson on May 1, 2019

The process of moving and selling your house is an extremely stressful one. Dealing with finding a new home, selling your old one, and everything that falls in between can be enough to break a person.

Not to mention, the costs are high if you’re not careful. Paying for moving services, real estate fees, and more are definitely not easy on the wallet. Further, when your house sits unsold for long enough, you can begin to worry.

One huge factor in how well your house sells is how it looks. Should you stage your home or have a professional do it? We’ll discuss the merits of DIY staging in this article and weigh them against a hiring a staging company.

What Is DIY Staging?

DIY staging is essentially preparing your home to be sold on your own. This means that you’re going to decorate the place, place furniture in appealing ways, and overall set it up so that it looks good enough for someone to buy.

The real goal of staging is to decorate your home in a way that allows potential buyers to see themselves living there. It seems pretty straightforward, but the process can prove tricky if no one’s buying your home!

Finding a balance where your home looks liveable but not lived-in is difficult. Having family photos on the walls might be a charming touch, but details like that can make the home seem like your current home as opposed to the buyer’s potential home.

Additionally, you’ve lived in that space for a number of years. You have your own ideas about decor and arrangement that are specific to you. And, as you’ve inhabited the space for so long, you can place too much of your ingrained ideas about the space into the staging decoration.

Further, the home should be filled with furniture and decorations. Using your own furniture is often your only option because you don’t have any additional materials to set out for staging.

The Benefit of Professional Staging

People who stage professionally have a finger on the pulse of modern decor. Not that it’s a high-brow thing that requires years of experience and study, but there is certainly an advantage to being in tune with emerging styles and preferences.

Additionally, they have a reservoir of furniture to place in your home so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Your furniture might be perfect for your own needs, but potential buyers might be more influenced by something different.

Finally, staging companies can decorate your home in a way that’s fresh and open to interpretation. That way, potential buyers can imagine themselves purchasing and living in the home.

In the Process of Selling?

Whether you’re going the DIY staging route or hiring a company, you might need a little help here or there. If your first efforts fail, it’ll be helpful to consult with someone or browse information online that could help.

Contact us for staging ideas and services if you should need them.

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