Home Staging Ideas: Rugs to the Rescue When Staging a Home

Kyle Iverson on July 17, 2019

Oftentimes, when thinking about home staging ideas, people forget about using rugs. It’s a shame because rugs can be the joists that hold rooms together, brighten them up, or make them more welcoming. That’s why we’re here to outline some tips for staging a home with rugs!

Especially if you don’t already have rugs in your home, and yes, even if your home is full of wall to wall carpet, rugs can make a real difference in the appeal to a potential buyer when selling your home.

Keep reading to get some ideas for how to use rugs to stage your home.

6 Home Staging Ideas Using Rugs

You don’t need to put rugs in every single room in your home, but there are a few select areas where rugs can make or break a room. Let’s take a look at some other tips.

1. Define Spaces

Divide a large room with rugs to help identify a space. This works well in larger rooms where there is a lot of open space. Place a rug in the corner with a rocking chair and voila, your room is immediately more comfortable.

2. Bigger Is Better

When it comes to rugs and staging ideas, bigger is always better. A larger rug goes well in both a more spacious room as well as a smaller bedroom.

3. Rug Texture

Besides home staging tips, using rugs also depends on the texture according to the room they will be used in. Don’t use thick rugs in high traffic areas, for example.

4. Situating Rugs

One of the most popular visual tricks used by professional home stagers is the way in which they situate the rugs. It’s not always about putting them in the centre of the room or under the front of the couch. Placement is everything.

5. Contrasting with Rugs

Other staging tips the pros will tell you is that you should do your best to contrast a room with the rug. Don’t use a blue rug if everything in your room is also blue. Brighten it up with something like yellow or patterns of green to draw attention.

6. Matching Rugs to Furnishings

With that said, you don’t always have to match your rug to your existing furniture, nor your staging furniture. A rug is designed to make a statement of its own so go ahead and get a little funky, keeping in mind what your potential buyers will also want.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re living by the book or thinking outside the box with various home staging ideas, these house staging tips will help you pull everything together. Remember, knowing which rug to use doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Go for contrast and texture and you’ll do fine.

We hope you found this post helpful! Please don’t forget to stop back and take a look at our blog for other tips and tricks for staging your home for sale.

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