Home Staging

Kyle Iverson on August 14, 2019

6 the Best Home Staging Paint Colours to Use

Selling your house is a big process and you don’t want small details to ruin your chances. That’s why you need to consider every detail when you’re set to stage your house. There are many different things you can do...
Kyle Iverson on August 7, 2019

How a Cheap Curb Appeal Project Can Sell Your Home Faster

Over 66% of home buyers consider curb appeal to be important. The study by the Home Owners Alliance found that it made a difference to their choice of property. Making a few changes might make a big difference to a buyer....
Kyle Iverson on July 31, 2019

9 Bathroom Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

The bathroom is an often underappreciated piece of the home. It is an essential piece in day-to-day life, but it doesn’t get the remodelling focus that a bedroom or living room might. A solid bathroom can be a great eye-catcher...
Kyle Iverson on July 24, 2019

Do Kitchens With Dark Cabinets Help to Prep Your House for Resale?

The current real estate climate might mean that now is a good time to be a seller, but that doesn’t mean you should get complacent. Taking the right steps and doing small home renovations, such as furnishing kitchens with dark...
Kyle Iverson on July 17, 2019

Home Staging Ideas: Rugs to the Rescue When Staging a Home

Oftentimes, when thinking about home staging ideas, people forget about using rugs. It’s a shame because rugs can be the joists that hold rooms together, brighten them up, or make them more welcoming. That’s why we’re here to outline some tips...
Kyle Iverson on July 10, 2019

How Stagers Use Pop-Up Furniture to Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling or are in the process of selling your home, you have probably done some research on various tips for staging your home. Hopefully, you’ve found good advice so far. But if you haven’t found the...
Kyle Iverson on July 3, 2019

Stop and Smell the Roses…Sell Your Home Fast with Them, Too

You’re moving out of your home in a few weeks to relocate. That means you only have a short amount of time to pack your things and sell your old home. You’re going to need your home to go fast....
Kyle Iverson on June 26, 2019

Selling a Small Home? How to Stage with Mirrors to Enlarge the Space

‘It’s all smoke and mirrors,’ the saying goes. What does it mean? It’s all about creating the illusion that’s something is what in reality it isn’t. When it comes to homes, it’d be wise to drop the smoke, but careful...