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Does staging really work?

Home staging is the way to go if you’re wanting to sell your property swiftly and efficiently! Although only a fairly new industry in South Africa, home staging is considered a MUST in the overseas real estate market as it really, really works! Statistics show that a staged home in any form sells quicker than an unappealing home.

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Why does home staging work?

Appointing a home stager will ensure that you put your best foot forward right from the beginning, in showcasing your home to its best advantage. Trying to market a home that needs just that last finishing touch is time wasting and exposes the home to the market for far too long with the wrong look and feel. Buyers will have done their homework, and once they see that the property has been on the market for a long time, they either lose interest in the home or will offer you a low price as your desperation to sell increases.

How does staging affect my home’s listing and selling price?

The best time to stage your home is before listing, This way, the photographs given to the media will be of a professional quality, showcasing beautiful interiors ready to entice them in. This will give substance to your asking price and will assist the agent to achieve your best market-related price.

What does the overall home staging process look like?

First, the home stager will meet with you at the property, to discuss your expectations and give advice and consultation on the best way forward. Once agreed upon, the home stager will arrange for the necessary work to be done, and on completion, the estate agent or property owner can then begin the marketing process and get the home sold at the best possible market related price.

How do I know if I need to stage or not?

An experienced estate agent who knows what sells and what doesn’t will immediately know if you need to stage or not, and if needed will advise you to get some assistance with the look and feel of the home, before marketing commences.
A one-hour consultation with the home stager will very quickly tell you what is needed to be done to best sell your home. Whether your home only needs decluttering, or a cosmetic facelift with a splash of paint, often just the rearranging of your current furniture, or, if empty, being totally kitted out with loan furniture, a home stager can offer all these services, and will ensure that your home has the upper hand over what your competitors have to offer.

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What is the difference between a home stager and an interior decorator?

The difference between an interior decorator and a home stager, is that an interior decorator is appointed to decorate a home to the client’s own specific taste, whereas a home stager, very importantly, is appointed to give scale to the space and allow the buyer to envisage their own furniture and lifestyle to fit into the space, The home stager creates a home with warmth and welcome, style and flair, that must attract any buyer walking in, regardless of their own particular taste in furnishings.

Does the whole house need to be staged?

If already partly furnished, the whole home may not necessarily need to be staged, and the home stager will need to be sensitive to the existing décor and ensure that the loan furniture blends in well with the existing, in order to compliment the home.

Will I need to clear out my house before you stage it?

There is no need to clear out your house in order to stage it. The home stager will work around the existing furniture and rearrange pieces and add where necessary in order to create a pleasant space.

Do you supply the furniture and accessories?

SplashedOut provides all the furniture, floor rugs, artworks, linen to bathrooms and bedrooms, ornaments, lamps and accessories where needed, to enable the home to look homely and welcoming yet uncluttered and stylish.

What kind of experience do you have?

Helen Day, owner of SplashedOut Home Staging, has a lengthy background in Architectural space planning and interiors, is an International artist and muralist, with experience in Real Estate sales having achieved Gold Club status in that field. Hands-on at all times, her experience is available to you, and her personal service is what she offers throughout each project with no exception. All staff are professionally trained in furniture removals and all precautions are taken to ensure that there is no damage to property during installation.

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How much does staging cost?


Apartment/Cluster home – includes consultation on site,
Installation of loan furniture , first month rental & transport R 12,000.00
Thereafter monthly rental R 7,000.00

Private House – includes consultation on site,
Installation of loan furniture , first month rental & transport R 18,000.00
Thereafter monthly rental R 9,000.00

R 1,500 per hour.