6 the Best Home Staging Paint Colours to Use

Kyle Iverson on August 14, 2019

Selling your house is a big process and you don’t want small details to ruin your chances. That’s why you need to consider every detail when you’re set to stage your house.

There are many different things you can do to help stage your house. Choosing the right colours is a big aspect of this.

Choosing the right home staging paint colours isn’t as hard as it may feel. Here are 6 of the best colours to help stage your house for prospective buyers.

1. The Power of “Greige”

Home staging requires neutral colours. You don’t want garish shade to throw off your buyers. Your home staging paint colours should be quiet and inoffensive.

While we’ll go over a variety of solid colours, the combination often referred to as “greige” ends up being the most versatile. “Greige” is grey with a beige undertone, making a potent mix of neutral and warm hues.

The small splash of a warmer colour will allow grey, an already versatile colour, to let in a bit more of a bright and happy vibe without being overpowering.

2. Pure White

White is a great neutral choice for home staging. It allows heavy contrast with almost any other colour, allowing your furniture and accent colours to pop.

White is also a colour you need to be careful with. In big blocks, like large, open walls, it can be blinding and distracting. It can also help as an accent colour to a more neutral grey or beige.

3. Solid Black

In contrast to white, a solid black can help to downplay a lot of your house, allowing for sharp contrasts to draw the buyer’s eye to specific areas.

While black lacks the warm colours of tan and white, it also avoids a saturation effect, letting the small pieces of colour stand out.

Like pure white, solid black can be daunting in large swathes, so be careful of its use.

4. Light Tan

Outside of grey, light tan and beige are great home staging paint colours. The earthy tones allow for a natural feel to the room.

The spectrum of earthy tones also blends well together, allowing you to differentiate rooms without creating too stark of a contrast.

5. Eggshell

Not quite as warm as beige and tan, but not as heavy a contrast as white, an off-white like eggshell can be a great in-between compromise.

Having a lot of the benefits of white without such an overpowering effect, off-whites show off how much a very small change can make to an effect.

6. Classic Grey

When all else fails, a simple and sombre grey can work wonders as a neutral staging paint colour. Grey does not clash with most shades and gives a solid foundation for other staging tricks to use.

Grey has a bad reputation as being dull, but it can have a rich vibrancy to it. The full spectrum of grey has a quiet elegance to it, allowing your house to project whatever the buyer has in mind.

Home Staging Paint Colours Made Simple

No matter which of the home staging paint colours you choose, this is only one step on the road to proper home staging. You also have lighting, furniture placement, and windows to consider, amongst other things.

For every step of the way, we at Splashed Out are eager to help you get your house on sale in the best way forward. Put your best foot forward with us today. Contact us for more information.

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